A glimpse of the adventurer locked-down

"I'm a die-hard Dilliwali, born and raised! Taking advantage of being a stone's throw away from the Himalayas, I am an avid trekker and skier. I've been living in the Netherlands since the past two years, it still feels like a dream (except when I have to wash the dishes and do the laundry!
I love cycling around the city, over the bridges overlooking the canals. Like everyone during this quarantine, I've emerged a chef, my specialty is cooking with leftovers!


Three words: Icy cold water!
Since I don't get out of the house and my skin is not subjected to high levels of pollution or dust, my go-to is to splash my face with icy cold water 2-3 times a day and of course moisturise after that.

Body - Moisturiser: all day all night !

The saffron and gutu kola face mist is a clear winner. I use it just before I have a video call (since I'm working from home) and look and feel ultra fresh. It's more like a cheat code for me.
I can compare this to wearing PJs under a work appropriate top for a video call. This entails ultimate comfort, yet a professional look 😉



Smoothie bowls are my weakness and seasonal fruits are always the best. For the summer, I'm having banana, papaya, anaar (forgot the English word), Greek yogurt, I add mango if I feel like indulging! Topped with cacao nibs, nuts, muesli and fresh fruit!

I'm a fan of Yoga (read: Hot yoga) and can't wait to go back to the studio.

The mulberry silk sleep mask was my utmost favourite, it's now become a part of my skin and second nature for me if I'm traveling. This ensures my eyes get the rest they deserve, whether I'm traveling in a plane, bus, ferry, car or train.

A DIY recipe I swear by is a Multani mitti + tea tree essential oil + rose water face pack. 


Professionally I'm a recruiter, and what satisfies me, is the opportunity to make a deep impact on the lives of the prospective candidates. Essentially, we're setting them up for success for atleast the next 4-5 years. In addition to that, I love interacting with people, so this is a perfect forum!

[How I got started?] A leap of faith backed by a strong support system of my family and friends! To elaborate, I had never worked in this field and didn't have a mentor in the corporate world to look to for advice, so a leap of faith is what I took ;)"

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