A glimpse of Puja Taluja, Bridal & Celebrity MUA, at home

"I sincerely believe that a healthy body and a healthy mind are integral to a happy state of being! Always having been a woman on the go and thoroughly enjoying my work, meeting my clients and doing what i love doing most Make up......the idea of sitting still and indoors was a little scary i must admit.....initially! But knowing that my biggest responsibility towards my family, my country and towards me was to isolate!

But isolation doesn’t mean loneliness or boredom to me! It’s time for self actualisation, for self realisation and it’s time to slow down and breathe a little more gently! I told myself that I would do at least one thing daily which would value add to my life!


This is how my regular day during the lock down looks like!
Morning begins with cleaning my room and organising my space! I love clean, beautiful and organised spaces! They keep me going and bring me joy! I have been moving the furniture around and reorganising my living space as a little change gives a burst to energy around us and uplifts everyone’s moods!

I meditate for 10 minutes to soulful music followed by a full body workout for an hour! A day started well is a day well lived!

In order to keep the immunity high, I fix a jar full of lime water, mint, coriander and ginger! We sip it through the day! I call it my detox water! We all know that Vitamin C is vital for our bodies and this is my Vitamin C fix!


I truly believe in the concept of 'less is more' specially when it comes to make up.. as I personally believe you can achieve any look that you desire for.. but avoid excessive layering as it's not even conducive with the given climate in our city.


This is a perfect time for a lot of hugs and cuddles with my son, it's a time to do all those wonderful things that are sometimes left out in our busy schedules!
Board games have become an integral part of our routine! Didn’t know playing Ludo and Carrom would bring us so much laughter!
We have gone through our old pictures together as a family, watched videos and even baked together! The simple pleasures of life found me in more ways than one!"



Puja Taluja tell Ahé Insider

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  • Such fun interviews to read!
    And I was looking for the perfect make up artist, I went to Puja’s instagram page – love love her work!


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