Mira Gupta: Designer & Curator, luxury retail

Catching up with the ever so talented Mira Gupta, designer of craft based apparel and accessories, formerly with Ogaan and Good Earth, on all things wellness and retail post quarantine!

"I’ve worked in fashion and design for most of my life, both as a designer as well as a curator. I consider myself highly motivated and determined, but human and fair and kind. I love adventure and travel. I believe in conquering my fears as I go along, and adding to my skills and knowledge constantly. 


I walk my 10000 steps a day but instead of going out for a walk, I’m doing it in my driveway. Hard but doing it still.  Plus I’m doing my three workouts a week with my trainer, using FaceTime video.

I’m also lighting scented candles in several rooms to keep the ambience cheerful.



In addition, I’m studying one topic a day. For instance the architecture of Gaudi.  I study the chosen topic for a couple of hours and then write about it on social media. This is keeping me engaged.



I continue my night ritual of toner, serum and night cream.  I find I’m talking to my family every night much more than I do normally.  It’s keeping us all connected at this difficult time. 

I love both the face mists, and particularly the Gotu and Saffron one. It feels so cool and misty on my face. It immediately gives me a celestial glow and a pampered feeling.


I feel retail is going to slow down for the rest of the year. There are several reasons. I feel the lockdown will continue sporadically, meaning stores will be closed. The economy is tanking. Plus people are in a different mind set, and this will persist.

There is a feel good factor in the purchase of all these [fashion/accessory/beauty]. But I feel all these categories will suffer along with other retail. All are linked to socialising, which is going to slow down in the foreseeable future. Perhaps online may perform better than in store, as there is less danger of infection shopping from home."

Mira Gupta tells Ahé Insider

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  • Fun to learn a couple of things about my InstaStyle sister, Mira!

    Sue Ellen Grove

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