A Glimpse of The Beauty Nomad at Home

Jazba Singh, Actress, Model, Presenter & the Beauty Nomad

"I am an actor, model, presenter and blogger from Canada, although I am very much a desi girl at heart! I am a total travel junkie, so I have made it my mission to go to every country on earth, and I currently split my time living between Mumbai, Melbourne and back home in Canada. I think I can present as an extrovert (my profession really demands it!) but I am secretly an introvert and really like my quiet downtime away from people to recharge. I like journalling and being alone with my own thoughts. What else?? Mmm I am a total Aquarian in the sense that I like to think and live outside of the box (hence my lack of a permanent address?!) and it's ironic that my first film was called "Hippi" because I think I am a bit boho in my lifestyle and sensibilities.


I am taking this time to sleep-in totally guilt free! That being said, I think getting up and getting ready, as in doing my regular grooming routine of skin care and light makeup, is helping me feel normal even though I might still be wearing my pjs through out the day haha! I also plan to take care of myself by working out at home, unplugging from the news after getting my daily update and staying connected to friends and family.

My favourite smoothie at the moment is the most vitamin packed thing ever that my partner just created at home- it's less about taste and more about health: broccolini, kale, spinach, ginger, carrots, lemon, mixed berries, pineapple, maca powder, chia and flax seeds, chlorella powder and coconut water. I don't even know what to call it, but I am super grateful he invented it!
My DIY recipe is the good old Indian mama's besan facemask- I even have a detailed blog post and video about how to make it on my website Beauty Nomad. It's yoghurt based, with besan, honey, lemon and rosewater. You can see the full breakdown here:


Every morning I like to listen to a positive affirmations recording to get my head in the right space and manifest a bright future :)  At night, I am religious about taking off my makeup, moisturizing and using lip balm.
My favourite Ahe Naturals product -- the Kumkumadi and Saffron cream has the most AMAZING smell, and it just melts into my skin because of its natural oils, but then magically never feels oily after absorption so I love it under makeup, but I especially enjoying using it at night because I can inhale that gorgeous scent and it's like aromatherapy and just really relaxes me. Heaven!


I trained as a makeup artist, and Youtube tutorials and blogging were a great way to share my knowledge with more people then just my clients so I was drawn to it. It also felt connected to my training as an actor to be able to present on camera and I really think the practice of vlogging helped me grow as a performer! By the time I was auditioning for movie roles in India, I had already been vlogging for 2 years and I think my knowledge of camera work, editing and acting skills helped me land my roles ;)"



Jazba S tells Ahé Naturals Insider


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