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About Us

Our products are created on the outskirts of the historic city of Madurai, overlooking hills, coconut groves and stretches of natural beauty. An idyllic echo of centuries past.
Gardens filled with Moringa, Noni, Pongamia, Neem and Aloe Vera, all organically grown, all used to infuse oils, creams and cleansers. 
Today, Ahé Naturals calls India home and takes from the past to create honest, daily skincare for the modern woman. But our connection to India's oldest active ingredients is only half the story...
The natural meeting point of East and West. Where Ayurveda meets Western cosmetics technology.
Your time for you. At Ahé Naturals, we know that the action of taking care of the body you live in is meditative, balancing and uplifting. Whether you're indulging in our skincare routine at the end of a long day, or feeling the gentle touch of our Mulberry Silk pillowcases, it's your time for you. A ritual. Each product offering a decadent momentary escape.

And you can pamper yourself knowing that we never compromise on our quality. You are nature's child, and deserve only the best ingredients with the highest actives, ethically sourced and 100% PETA certified cruelty-free.

"Having super sensitive skin myself, prone to acne, rosacea, allergies to several chemicals commonly used in beauty products, I used to gather skin healthy plants from all my travels and make my own skin care at home which cleared up my skin and kept it consistently luminous and clear. I was 24 at the time. I just fell in love with the connection between plants and our bodies.
I handed out bottles of my concoctions to friends and family who started seeing improvements in their skin too. Of course at this point all my formulas only had a 2-day shelf life!

I got together with Ayurvedic doctors, organic chemists & aromatherapists - 3 years of development later, I finally had my range of natural, healthy, EFFECTIVE skin care for all skin types.
A big plus of my work is that I have the honour to keep some of our ancient Ayurvedic techniques alive, while also encouraging incredible small herbal farms that I found along my R&D journey." - Deeksha, Founder