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4 Hair Oiling Mistakes to Avoid for Better Results

We've all been there, researching Ayurvedic hair care that promises thick, lustrous hair growth, wanting to incorporate our ancestral recipes into our routine, waiting days and weeks to see the results. What if we told you that avoiding these 4 easy but common mistakes can help bring you closer to your hair nourishing goals:

hair oiling mistakes for hair growth ahe naturals


1. Not brushing before

Always brush through hair and thoroughly detangle before applying oil.

2. No scalp focus

Drop oil directly onto the scalp and use 2-3 fingers to massage those drops in each time. Repeat this across the scalp, spreading the oil evenly.
Make sure not to apply excess oil where it starts dripping. Apply lighter amounts onto the mid sections of your hair all the way till the ends.

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3. Skipping the massage

A gentle 5-10 minute scalp massage truly goes a long way in helping proper absorption and increasing circulation. After your head massage, tie your hair in a loose braid and leave the oil in for at least 1 hour pre-shower / overnight as a deep treatment.
*It’s generally preferable to avoid brushing hair after oiling.


4. Double Cleansing

Try to shampoo only once. Over cleansing to remove oil can dry out hair. Instead, use a deep cleansing shampoo and use it once. Apply minimal amount of shampoo on the ends. Rinse and condition as per your normal routine.


hair growth oil ahe naturals hibiscus bhringraj black onion seed

Look out for ingredients like bhringraj, black seed, rosemary, curry leaf, hibiscus, castor oil, fenugreek, amla.

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