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  • 5 Extraordinary Benefits of Bhringraj for Hair

    From helping to reduce hair fall to helping promote hair growth, Bhringraj is the real MVP. So the next time you're looking for effective hair care, skip the chemical-laden products and go natural with Bhringraj. Your hair (and scalp) will thank you!

    Bhringraj (भृङ्गराज) in Sanskrit translates to 'King of the Bees'. It can usually be found on ingredient labels as Eclipta Alba.

  • 5 Summer Smoothie Recipes for Skin

    Whether you have a handful of berries or a bag full of veggies, we’ve got the perfect smoothies for you to sip through hot summer days. Here are 5 Summer smoothie recipes that especially boost glowing skin and nourished hair.
  • Face Oil vs. Face Serum: What's the Difference and How Should You Use Them?

    Unlike facial serums, organic oils are not formulated using water and therefore feel heavier when applied to skin as they have a thicker consistency.

    Pro-tip: Look out for ingredient paraffin in facial oils...

  • DIY Banana Coconut Hair Mask

    Let’s get cooking! Put all the ingredients together and blend it all up. When you will open the lid, you’ll be surprised with the thick, creamy paste and the fine aroma of the paste hitting your senses. So good!

  • 4 Hair Oiling Mistakes to Avoid for Better Results

    We've all been there, researching Ayurvedic hair care that promises thick, lustrous hair growth, wanting to incorporate our ancestral recipes into...
  • Miracle Elixir: What is Kumkumadi Oil?

    One of the extraordinary gems of our ancient Ayurvedic heritage combining flowers, fruits, herbs, milk and oil to create a wholesome skincare elixir.